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National Aeronautics and Space Administration
John F. Kennedy Space Center
Kennedy Space Center, Florida 32899
FOR RELEASE: 03/14/2014
PHOTO NO: KSC-2014-1766
Open Image KSC-2014-1766

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No copyright protection is asserted for this photograph. If a recognizable person appears in this photograph, use for commercial purposes may infringe a right of privacy or publicity. It may not be used to state or imply the endorsement by NASA employees of a commercial product, process or service, or used in any other manner that might mislead. Accordingly, it is requested that if this photograph is used in advertising and other commercial promotion, layout and copy be submitted to NASA prior to release.

PHOTO CREDIT:   NASA or National Aeronautics and Space Administration

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – From left, former NASA astronauts Robert Cabana, Gerald P. Carr and Edward G. Gibson pay their respects to former NASA astronaut William R. Pogue during a wreath laying ceremony at the United States Astronaut Hall of Fame at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Cabana now is the director of Kennedy Space Center. In the background is a painting by former NASA astronaut Alan Bean. Col. Pogue, pilot on NASA's Skylab 4 mission in 1973-74, died March 3. He was 84 years old. Skylab 4 was the third and final manned visit to the Skylab orbital workshop, launched Nov. 16, 1973, and concluded Feb. 8, 1974. At 84 days, 1 hour and 15 minutes, Skylab 4 was the longest manned space flight to that date. Pogue was accompanied on the record-setting 34.5-million-mile flight by Commander Carr and science-pilot Gibson. They conducted dozens of experiments and science demonstrations during their 1,214 orbits of Earth. Pogue logged 13 hours and 31 minutes in two spacewalks outside the orbital workshop. For more information, visit Photo credit: NASA/Kim Shiflett

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